Case of the Month – December 2019

A 7-year-old boy was found to have a right frontal bone mass after sustaining a fall at the gym class. Radiologic evaluation revealed a lytic, poorly defined solid and cystic bone lesion involving the right frontal aspect of the calvarium. The following images are representative of a fine needle aspiration of the cystic component of this mass. 

Skull X-Ray: A lytic poorly defined lesion is noted in the right frontal aspect of the calvarium with
associated soft tissue swelling.

CT scan: Right anterior parietal subcutaneous mass with a fluid level. There is bony destruction of the
underlying calvarium involving the inner and outer tables with irregular moth-eaten margins.

MRI: lytic lesion in the right frontal lobe with a bilobed cystic component and blood/fluid level.

ThinPrep® – Pap stained X20

ThinPrep® – Pap stained X60

ThinPrep® – Pap stained X60

Cell Block – H&E X60