Mission Statement

The Canadian Society of Cytology (CSC) which was created in 1961 a section of the Canadian Association of Pathologists (CAP-ACP), is a group of pathologists and cytotechnologists with an interest in cytopathology. The Society’s purpose is to promote the health and safety of all Canadians by achieving and maintaining a high standard of practice within the discipline of cytopathology and to foster continued growth and development of cytopathology in Canada.

The goals of the CSC are:

  • Standardization: To encourage standardization of the practice of cytopathology in all provinces with emphasis on training, specimen preparation, screening, and reporting; participate in international initiatives in standardization.
  • Communication: To provide and maintain a forum for communication and exchange of knowledge in cytopathology; organize educational programs to further information and research in cytopathology.
  • Registry: To participate in development of a national registry in cytopathology including clinical pathology follow up.
  • Accreditation: To participate in accreditation of training programs for cytotechnologists and pathologists.
  • Guidelines: To develop guidelines for the practice of cytopathology and quality assurance programs in cytopathology.
  • Educational: Provide Royal College accredited continuing medical education resources to practicing pathologists, cytotechnologists and medical residents.